Organizational Energy

All human systems change: the key to their sustainability over time is the maintenance of a working balance between expending and restoring the systems’ energy

A pioneer in the field of organizational energy, Dr. Nancy Post has been at the forefront of the movement to place energy management at the center of group and organizational change for more than 20 years.

Nancy is

An innovator – creator of Systems Energeticssm a method that applies the natural laws of energy to social systems.

A renowned teacher – helping students predict, model and manage change within their organizations.

A respected executive coach - coaching executives on personal and organizational effectiveness, communications and change management.

A sought-after management consultant – guiding companies, healthcare institutions and not-for-profit organizations in delivering sustainable change.

An engaging writer – using story-telling to communicate hard-to-hear truths about health and corporate life.

A successful clinical practitioner – specializing in helping individuals manage work place stresses.