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Systems Energetics Product Catalog

The following work books and practitioner tools are available from Post Enterprises.

  • Working Balance: Energy Management for Personal and Professional Well-Being
    by Nancy Post
    A workbook for people looking to track their own energy at home and at work.

  • Elements of Organization
    by Nancy Post
    A manual that provides the translation of the Five Element system to business and organizational language.  This book is useful for those looking to apply this model to businesses and non-profit organizations.

  • Team Assessment Questionnaire
    A questionnaire for team leaders to evaluate how their work groups operate within each of the five energetic phases and as a whole.  This primary diagnostic tool complements the material contained with the book Elements of Organization.
    $6.00 each
    Pack of 10 questionnaires $50.00

  • Stress Survey
    A five page survey instrument to assist in evaluating the personal health and work patterns of individuals within work teams.
    $4.00 each
    Pack of 10 forms $35.00

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