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System Energetics

Systems Energeticssm is a method of group and organizational development that applies natural laws to social systems.  It offers ways to identify the patterns of energy that flow through every living organism — and every organization. 

It is a model that describes and manages fundamental change as a natural fact of organizational life. 

Systems Energetics has been described as a "masterful blending of East and West".  It unites the communication and development methodologies derived from modern Western organization theory, with tenets and practices from traditional Eastern health systems.

By assessing and working with patterns of energy you can assist groups and whole organizations to attain optimal performance levels.  The insights gained through the use of Systems Energetics provide a major boost to organizational rejuvenation projects. 

Maintaining the health of those who are leading organizational change projects is critical.  Systems Energetics provides ways to assess and manage your own energy in a sustainable and healthful manner while you work with a group or whole organization.

Systems Energetics provides

  • A model with methods to enhance organizational development and effectiveness;

  • A system that manages the ecology of the workplace;

  • A method of identifying patterns of influence and leadership styles;

  • A set of self and group management skills;

  • The relationship between traditional and modern ideas of systemic health.

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