Individual Assessment and Coaching

Here’s an overview of how Dr. Post works with you as an individual:

Part 1 – Assessment

  • Start with a professional assessment of your energy.  This includes a thorough review of all the factors that add or deplete your energy: current work situation, work history, current health, health history,  medical records, genetics, current activities outside of work, relationships with family, significant affiliations, exercise habits, diet, supplements and medicines.
  • On the professional side, we may also review employee feedback, peer feedback and performance reviews.
  • On the personal side we may review medical records or psychological and preference reports.

Part 2 – Design the Plan to Improve Energy

  • Looking at all the information, Dr. Post creates a personalized energy plan with two-part focus: your energy at work, and your personal energy.
  • Specific recommendations are made in both arenas.

Part 3 – Implement Plan, Monitor Results, Modify Plan at Key Junctures

  • Dr. Post coaches you through the implementation of your plan on a regular basis and may also provide direct clinical or organizational support as part of the package.

For more information, contact Dr. Nancy Post at 215 438-8590 or

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