The Business of Healthy Leadership

When asked who the most influential players who influence health, most people say “my spouse, my doctor, my mom.”

In fact your boss and your organization place demands on your time and attention that have enormous influence on your well-being.  Organizations have significant influence on your health and your well-being effects your productivity and the bottom line.

Worldwide, this is understood. The World Health Organization and other enlightened agencies like Australia’s Comcare, show that managing the pace, volume and clarity of work, combined with setting up appropriately participative, safe cultures can lead to real business results that can  include:

  • 28% increase in shareholder revenue
  • 26% reduction in sick leave
  • 32% reduction in workers compensation and disability claims
  • 11 % increase in revenue per employee
  • retention of high performers

To help organizational leaders transform their organizations into places that achieve these results, we have created a six part consulting sequence:

Building Healthy Leadership

Part 1 – Initial Concept building with a Leadership Team

Part 2 – Readiness Assessment for being a Business of Healthy Leadership candidate

Part 3 – Training and on-going development of change team who create strategy , internal stakeholder map as well as design of internal targets

Part 4 – Support for the change team during implementation , including targeted leadership development and coaching for change team leaders

Part 5 – Calibration of Results – Determine impact

Part 6 – Revise/Renew

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